The Cross Border Speed Championship

XBC – Entry deadline approaching

We have around a week left in which to get our Championship entry forms in.

So if you are going to enter, you need to act now.

Go on . . . . . You know you want to !

If you are unable to enter this year, please email us, just to let us know.

We have had some feedback which suggests that a few folk may not have sent in their entry forms because they are still waiting for a WMC membership number. If that is the case for you, then please just send in your Championship entry form now, and let us know your WMC number once you have it.

We have also had some feedback which suggests that a few folk may not yet know what car or car configuration they might be running, which makes it a bit difficult to complete the paperwork of course !!

Others have said that they don’t yet know at what point in the season their car might be ready !! If this is the case for you, then please don’t delay. Get your entry form in now to ensure you are registered for the Championship, and then just send us the relevent information once you have it.

The structure of the Championship this year makes it easier to join in part way through if your car is not ready right now, and you still have a good chance of a worthwhile overall result. However, you do need to get your form in now in order to be included !!

Our new fledgling website is as basic as it gets for now, but it does have links to the Championship and event entry documents, . . . . Hope it helps.

We could do with around ten more entries in order to buck the trend of decline in motorsport, so if you are swithering, . . . . your support would be very much appreciated.

If you have already entered, . . . Thank you very much for your support, we hope that you have a great season, we are certainly doing our very best, with that aim !!

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