The Cross Border Speed Championship

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Oliver’s Mount Cancelled

We have been informed that the Oliver’s Mount meeting on Saturday 30/04/2016 has now also been cancelled.

This is reported to be as a consequence of a low entry of around 27, which in turn would seem to be as a consequence of the loss of the Sunday event to the “Tour de Yorkshire”, subsequent date changes, and the loss of the double header with the Monday event becoming Bikes only.

Thankfully the XBC Events Menu is large enough to withstand this loss, but it is very disappointing nonetheless.

Please let us know if you were entered for Oliver’s Mount this year, and whether or not you would support this event if it was on next year’s calendar.

Next event is now Scammonden, and the Regs and Entry form are available to download from the Events Page on the XBC site.

Upcoming Events Reminder

This is just a quick a reminder for upcoming events.

Olivers Mount closing date is this Friday.

Scammonden and Barbon closing very soon as well.

While we are on the subject, early entries for Anglesey and Harewood are advised, since these events are in high demand and are usually oversubscribed well before the closing dates.

Championship Regs 2015

The Speed Sub-Committee has great pleasure in announcing that the MSA has now approved the 2015 Brockbanks Solicitors Cross Border Speed Championship regulations. The Regulations & Entry Form document is now available and will be sent to all those who we can contact directly. In addition, it will be made available for download.

The new rounds of the Championship will provide a real opportunity for more people to take part, giving more choice and more opportunity to compete for the overall, and class positions, than ever before. We hope that this year will be a success and look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

The Championship Regs will provide more detail, but basically there are 8 scoring rounds from a possible 18 events.

The rounds are:

1 Sat 11/04/2015 Kames CW Sprint EACC
2 Sun 12/04/2015 Kames AC Sprint EACC
3 Sat 18/04/2015 Doune Hill Climb LCC
4 Sun 19/04/2015 Doune Hill Climb LCC
5 Sat 02/05/2015 Olivers Mount Hill Climb Auto 66
6 Sun 03/05/2015 Olivers Mount Hill Climb Auto 66
7 Sun 17/05/2015 Scammonden Hill Climb MGCC
8 Mon 25/05/2015 Teesside Sprint York
9 Sat 13/06/2015 Barbon Hill Climb LMC
10 Sat 27/06/2015 Forrestburn Hill Climb MSCC
11 Sat 25/07/2015 Kames CW Sprint EACC
12 Sun 26/07/2015 Kames AC Sprint EACC
13 Sun 02/08/2015 Three Sisters Sprint Chester
14 Sat 05/09/2015 Ty Croes Sprint MGCC
15 Sun 06/09/2015 Ty Croes Sprint MGCC
16 Sat 19/09/2015 Harewood Hill Climb BARC
17 Sun 20/09/2015 Harewood Hill Climb BARC
18 Sun 04/10/2015 Kames AC Sprint WMC