The Cross Border Speed Championship

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EACC AGM (28/01/2016)

The XBC Team was present at the East Ayrshire Car Club AGM yesterday evening.

We are pleased to be able to report that once again we have the unanimous support of the EACC Committee, who simply trust us to run things professionally.

The EACC Committee had no concerns or queries relating to our plans, and after brief consideration of our proposed revamped EACC Logo artwork in orange and black, had no hesitation in approving it for use on our Web Site and Car Stickers, describing it as “different, but instantly recognisable“.

East Ayrshire Car Club

The positive attitude and willing support in evidence is refreshing, and is much appreciated by the XBC Team members, who are confident of a harmonious relationship for years to come.

Whilst there is no requirement to join EACC to be part of the Championship, we would ask you to consider supporting our Host Club too. One additional reason for doing so might be so that you can participate in the many test days at Kames. The choice is yours!! Please see the EACC Web Site Membership Page for details.