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Oliver’s Mount Cancelled

We have been informed that the Oliver’s Mount meeting on Saturday 30/04/2016 has now also been cancelled.

This is reported to be as a consequence of a low entry of around 27, which in turn would seem to be as a consequence of the loss of the Sunday event to the “Tour de Yorkshire”, subsequent date changes, and the loss of the double header with the Monday event becoming Bikes only.

Thankfully the XBC Events Menu is large enough to withstand this loss, but it is very disappointing nonetheless.

Please let us know if you were entered for Oliver’s Mount this year, and whether or not you would support this event if it was on next year’s calendar.

Next event is now Scammonden, and the Regs and Entry form are available to download from the Events Page on the XBC site.

XBC Website Update

With just a few days to go until the first weekend of events on our calendar, if you haven’t already done so, time is running out to get your entry in.

You can start your entry by clicking on the pencil icon on this page :

Our web site has been updated with all the Regs and Entry information for the season that is currently available.

With the recent surprise lowered entry limit for April Doune, there is something to be said for getting your Event Entries in early to secure your place, and we hope that our 2016 Events Page will help in this regard.

If you are at Kames this weekend, we hope to catch up with you . . . . .

. . . . . in the pleasantly warm, spring Muirkirk Sunshine !!!

Your 2016 XBC Championship Entry

If you haven’t got your XBC entry in yet, now is the time to do it !!! !!!

Time is marching on, and it is hard to believe that we are only a week or so away from the first event of our calendar. It is also time to get your entries in for the April Kames events, and links to Regs and Entry information are available from our 2016 Events Page :

But back to the XBC Speed Championship . . .

For Scottish competitors, its always good to kill two birds (or more) with one stone, and having just matched up all of this season’s events, it looks as if the overlap between Scottish events and the XBC is as follows :

Lowland = 8
Highland = 2
Scottish Sprint = 4
Scottish Hillclimb = 6
Scottish Speed = 5

And the added benefit of a passport for entry to many English events.

For English competitors, the reverse is true, with a good number of overlapping events with English Championships, in particular the ANWCC Championships, and a passport for entry to Scottish events.

So if you are already signed up for any of the above, you should have a good head start in the XBC !!

We look forward to your entry, and would really appreciate your support in this, our first year running under the umbrella of East Ayrshire Car Club.

Whether your car is ready or not . . . . . .
Even if you only plan to do some events . . . . . .

Get your entry in now !!!