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XBC 2015 Results & Awards

The 2015 season has now drawn to a close. By all accounts, it has been a great success, with increased levels of participation and involvement. Most importantly though, we hope that everyone involved has had fun !!

The Provisional Championship Scoring is now final, and the 2015 Results & Awards List is now available on the 2015 Events Page.

As soon as we have finished tying up the loose ends for this season, we will be starting work on 2016. There will very soon be a feedback questionnaire available, and the competitor views that we gather will very much be a part of what we do in future years. For this reason, we would urge everyone to complete this as soon as it becomes available.


October Kames (CW) 2015

Well what a day !!

Great weather for October, a pretty smooth running day, and a great turnout, not just of Competitors, but Spectators too.

This is the first event that the XBC team has run, and in the course of the day we identified a number of minor tweaks that could bring improvement, but on the whole we are pleased with the way things went, and we hope everyone else involved shares that view.

We will be running an on-line questionnaire, and we really would value feedback from everyone involved, and this will be used to help plan next year’s event.

Photos courtesy of John Crae will follow in due course, but for now, the Event Results are available along with the Cross Border Speed Championship Scoring for 2015.

This scoring is provisional for two weeks from today, during which time we are happy to deal with any errors, omissions, or queries, before the results are made final.

Thanks are due to a large number of people who have helped, both on the day, and behind the scenes. We hope that we will see everyone back next year, when we can do it all again !!

Harewood Hillclimb

Two great days of Motorsport were enjoyed by a good turnout of Competitors, and the Saturday night barbecue was an added bonus.

The 2015 Events page has now been updated with the results and scoring from this weekend, just in time to see what performance level is required at Kames !!