The Cross Border Speed Championship

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The Cross Border Speed Championship 2015

The Cross Border Speed Championship 2015 is being run by a new small sub-committee, with all new people.

It is hoped and intended to bring improvement to the Cross Border Championship (XBC) in a number of areas, and there is full intention to continue with the October Kames event, which has always been viewed as a good season closer.

This Championship is ideal for the Scottish Competitor looking for a little bit of variety, or a few new or extra events in England, or even Wales. The overlap with some Scottish Championship events makes it a very attractive proposition, and very easy to participate at a competitive level. The reverse is also true, where the English Competitor has the opportunity to enter a number of Scottish events.

The Championship Regs are currently with the MSA, and as soon as they are approved we will open the entry list.

The 2015 Season Calendar is as follows :

01 Sat 11/04/2015 Kames CW Sprint EACC
02 Sun 12/04/2015 Kames AC Sprint EACC
03 Sat 18/04/2015 Doune Hill Climb LCC
04 Sun 19/04/2015 Doune Hill Climb LCC
05 Sat 02/05/2015 Olivers Mount Hill Climb Auto 66
06 Sun 03/05/2015 Olivers Mount Hill Climb Auto 66
07 Sun 17/05/2015 Scammonden Hill Climb MGCC
08 Mon 25/05/2015 Teesside Sprint York
09 Sat 13/06/2015 Barbon Hill Climb LMC
10 Sat 27/06/2015 Forrestburn Hill Climb MSCC
11 Sat 25/07/2015 Kames CW Sprint EACC
12 Sun 26/07/2015 Kames AC Sprint EACC
13 Sun 02/08/2015 Three Sisters Sprint Chester
14 Sat 05/09/2015 Ty Croes Sprint MGCC
15 Sun 06/09/2015 Ty Croes Sprint MGCC
16 Sat 19/09/2015 Harewood Hill Climb BARC
17 Sun 20/09/2015 Harewood Hill Climb BARC
18 Sun 04/10/2015 Kames CW Sprint WMC

Scottish Competitors will be familiar with :

Kames CW

Kames AC



Crossing the border . . . . .

Olivers Mount
This is a new venue for the XBC, in response to competitor demand.

This place is steep and wild, and despite making some of our Scottish events look like a five star luxury option, this zero facilities and lots of runs venue is raved about by competitors who were keen to see it included again.

This is a great kart track, which is quite demanding. A very well run event with lots of runs, and a firm favourite with competitors.

Possibly the shortest hill climb in the UK, thwarts its brevity as one of the top favourites with competitors.

Three Sisters
Another kart track, and a two lap layout with a particularly challenging final exit bend. Great fun !!

Ty Croes, Anglesey
National Circuit
International Circuit
Yes . . . It is a long way away !!
Originally added in 2013 as a “one off” “never to be repeated” special, for those that made the treck, this event is in a legue of its own, so good that it has stayed on the calendar, running the National circuit on the Saturday, and the International circuit on the Sunday. Take the family, make a weekend of it. Brilliant !!

This place needs no introduction, and if Doune is the “King of Hills”, then this is the Queen !!

If you would like to be kept in touch with the Cross Border Championship (XBC), then please respond with a PM on this forum and we will add you to the email list.

The Wigton Motor Club Speed Sub-Committee, and the existing enthusiastic bunch of friendly competitors would be delighted to welcome you, . . . . . and then try to beat you on the track !!!