The Cross Border Speed Championship

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XBC Scoring To Barbon

The Barbon results, and the XBC scoring to Barbon are now live on the XBC site, available for download.

Barbon Nag

Time is running out to get your entry in for Barbon . . . . . .

I am away from home right now, so am unable to post the Regs on the site until Monday, but you can do it all on line from links on this page :

XBC Scoring has been updated to Scammonden, but site security is such that I am unable to make this available from my laptop while on the move, so please check the site on Monday evening.

By Monday evening we should also have available Results for all past 2015 events, and any more Regs and Entry forms for future events that are available.

Upcoming Events Reminder

This is just a quick a reminder for upcoming events.

Olivers Mount closing date is this Friday.

Scammonden and Barbon closing very soon as well.

While we are on the subject, early entries for Anglesey and Harewood are advised, since these events are in high demand and are usually oversubscribed well before the closing dates.