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2022 XBC July Update

Kames Alpine

Astonishing as it is, July is now behind us, and we are two thirds of the way through our season. The Kames July Weekend Sprint provided some good close competition over the weekend, with a fine Clubhouse meal on the Saturday evening followed by an entertaining quiz. The main thing to be learned from the quiz was just how many people have used up valuable brain cells to retain trivial and useless bits of information !!!

Additional entertainment was provided on the Sunday, when a helpful competitor, perhaps taking his cue from the colour coded hospital floor line guide system, decided to help future newbies and lost souls by painting a nice black guide line all the way from the bottom paddock, to show the way to the start line. Thanks Fraser !!!

Added excitement and anticipation was provided by the Inter-Club competition of the Tillicoultry Quarries Cup, designed to bring people from disparate Classes together, as opposed to the light hearted low level civil war that ensued when it was realised that certain drivers in certain classes had been “poached” to represent one Club or another !!

In the end, glory was ours, as the EACC (XBC) team brought the cup home from the previous holders, Caithness.

A great weekend, and now the XBC Website has been updated with Results and Scoring to the end of July which you can find on the 2022 Events Page.

We now have Curborough and Forrestburn to look forward to in August, and we hope to see you there.

2022 XBC July Excitement

2022 07 12 Tour de France

The XBC calendar is a little quieter at the moment, some respite for those with family holiday commitments perhaps. However today’s sporting spectacle seen in this photo was to be found at the Tour de France Morzine to Megève stage, where only a few minutes after departure, this video clip shows the entire pack pass through the Montriond rond point in less time than a single run at a Speed Event !!

With entries now closed for a full event at Barbon on the 16th, this suberb hillclimb is expected to be good for those making the trip, and anyone still needing new “QR coded” Car Stickers should see Dave there.

Looking forward to Curborough on the 14th August, entries are now full, with your XBC organisers first and second on the reserve list. You can can add yourself to the reserve list with this link, rather than the normal entry link on the website.

The main upcoming event is however the July Kames Summer Sprint Weekend, where we can rely on a “value for money” number of timed runs after a single practise run. In addition there is the expected additional excitement of an inter-club challenge, which is always good for bringing drivers from disparate classes together. Entertainment in some shape or form is promised for the Saturday night, following the provision of a good evening meal from the girls in the canteen. Here is the official promotional poster from EACC.

2022 07 30 & 31 July Kames Poster

This is always a great event, the best chance of “sunshine at Kames”, but good competition and good craic guaranteed. So it is time to get your entries in before it is too late, and a link is available on our 2022 Events Page.

We hope to see you there.

2022 XBC April Update

The first event of 2022 proved to be a successful weekend at Kames, thanks to the usual relaxed low key efficiency of the EACC team. A cold, but dry day meant that track grip was not always what might have been expected, and a few cars unfortunately suffered as a consequence.

It was great to meet up with a lot of people over the weekend, some after a break of a few years (you haven’t changed a bit !!). But inevitably, it is impossible to speak to everyone at just one event. Next time . . . . .

The Event Results, and the first round of Scoring is now available from the 2022 XBC Events Page. We still seem to be missing a good number of people who haven’t yet managed to put finger to keyboard (or screen), but there is still time to get your entry in for the XBC 2022 Cross Border Speed Championship. Evidence of a little speed however, is always a good thing in this sport !!!

As you know, the XBC Scoring does NOT use Venue Class Records, but simply your time on the day. In this way, the XBC Championship is to some degree weather proofed, and possibly immune to other factors outwith the individual Competitor’s control. It is only your performance in relation to other XBC Competitors on the day that matters. Get your Championship Entry in !!!

Hopefully everyone at April Kames that needed a pair of the new XBC QR coded Car Stickers received them. If not, track Dave or myself down at your next event. Thanks to the three people cheeky enough to point out that I didn’t actually have the new stickers on my own car. A new career as a Traffic Warden awaits you !! . . . . And I hope I got away with my “witty retort” of putting others first !!

It seems that a fair number of our contingent are heading to Anglesey at the end of April. A long slog of a drive to get there, but what a tremendous track !!

We hope to see you at an event soon.