The Cross Border Speed Championship

XBC Benefactors

Running a Motorsport Championship, and Motorsport Events takes time and money. We have a small and tight knit team running the Championship, and a much larger team for the October Sprint Weekend. These people give generously of their time to ensure the continuing success of what we do.

The current management team have run the Championship since 2015, and have been responsible for a complete re-branding and restructuring of everything, with a dedicated web site and a custom built on-line entry system being perhaps the most visible improvements.

This Championship is run by Competitors for Competitors, and by being directly involved in the sport the team strives to stay in touch with current Competitor feeling and preference.

For the first five years the Championship has been funded and supported by generous financial contribution, or heavily discounted trophy supply, from a number of businesses owned by some of our Competitors. In return, they have enjoyed exposure on our web site, and in our emails.

From the 2020 Season onwards, as announced at the 2019 XBC Awards Dinner, we are moving to a new model, and you could help. Rather than asking one or two people to make a sizable financial contribution, we are now asking a larger number of our own Competitors to pledge their support for whatever number of years they feel they can commit to, and to make a more reasonable individual financial contribution to the running of the Championship at the beginning of each season.

There are currently no plans to make public who those Benefactors are, but if you have enjoyed participating in the Championship, and are happy just to quietly contribute in the background as we think most would prefer, then this is your opportunity to give something back to the sport that we all enjoy.

If this is of interest to you, then please make contact with us by email, or by using the Contact Us page on this web site.